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Through compelling voices and sound we tell stories that engage, entertain, enlighten and sometimes even surprise the listener. Whether it’s a branded podcast that captures your audience’s imagination or a new story waiting to be told, our promise is to bring thoughtful, relevant and carefully crafted storytelling to life.

What We Do

Building and maintaining a loyal customer following can be tough. Branded podcasts are just another tool companies, big or small, can use to get their message out.

Many documentary and television programs are really just podcasts waiting to happen. Take existing content and adapt it for a whole new audience!

Have a great idea for a podcast but have NO idea where to start? Our experienced writers and post production team can bring your show to life from start to finish.

Sometimes other people come up with great stories too (it’s true!) If you’ve already got an idea or a podcast on the go and just need a little help - a studio to record at, some assistance with editing and mixing…we’d be happy to give you a hand.

About Us

Sonance Media was borne out of our love of telling stories, our background in television production and our obsession with listening to podcasts. Our goal is to create the kind of podcasts we want to hear. Engaging stories with great sound, high production values and solid storytelling. We bring decades of production experience to podcasting, and the transition has been liberating. By leaving the television cameras behind, we can focus completely on the story to create compelling content for our audiences.

Latest Project

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Latest Article

The Kids Are Alright Podcast Launch

We are very excited to launch our podcast series “The Kids are Alright.”  It’s been almost a year in the making, but it’s finally out there for the world to hear.     After hearing Jesse Miller speak about digital citizenship and internet safety to a room full of parents (and watching parents clammer for […]


Podcast Week 2018 – Seattle

Hey Pod Fans!  So pencil in September 10-14 on your non-linear calendars.  Seattles’s Podcast Week 2018 is chock-full of seminars that will lift your pod game to the next level.  Subjects cover everything from the technical (which wire goes where…) to storytelling strategies and techniques (where’s my story in all the hours I’ve recorded?).  Plus […]


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