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The Kids Are Alright Podcast Launch

We are very excited to launch our podcast series “The Kids are Alright.”  It’s been almost a year in the making, but it’s finally out there for the world to hear.  
After hearing Jesse Miller speak about digital citizenship and internet safety to a room full of parents (and watching parents clammer for his time afterward) we could see he had a lot to share and he definitely had an eager audience.  Parents were peppering him with questions and they seemed almost desperate for answers and advice to help guide them through the challenge of raising kids in the digital age.  There’s only one Jesse Miller to go around and there were more questions than he could possibly get to in an evening.  So we took him for coffee…and we brainstormed this podcast series to help make him available to everyone.   
We are podcast producers, but both Marty and I are parents first.  Me to a 12 and 7 year old.  Marty to two teenagers.  Jesse is an expert speaker and educator of social media, digital citizenship and mobile technology.  He’s also a parent.  We figured that all of the parenting questions we had for him about this big challenging topic were very likely the same questions many other parents had.  It was a perfect fit.  We have the questions…and he has the answers.  Together we host the series.
We launched “The Kids are Alright” this week and already the feedback has been amazing.  We’re anxious to keep the momentum going and to start including audience feedback and questions in our future episodes.  It feels like we’ve launched on a journey that is going to take us many places in the podcast landscape – and we can’t wait.