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Branded Podcast Production

A branded story is literally any story waiting to be told and heard. It could be a factual documentary series or a traditional talk show with host and guests. It could be a globetrotting lifestyle travel series or a scripted sci-fi zombie apocalypse episodic (if that’s what you’re in to). The sky is the limit. The ‘branded’ part is simply who pays the bills…. Content Marketing.

Now more than ever, progressive brands are jumping at the chance to provide the content that their customers are seeking. These brands are going beyond renting ad space in someone else’s story. By ‘paying the bills’, the brand can produce the content that reflects their own corporate purpose and values while also reflecting the values of their customers… retaining and building their customer base in the process. These are not infomercials. Far from it. They are great stories that just happen to be brought to you by your favourite brand.


“Branded podcasts that steer away from the obvious commercial tie and create content that is highly useful for the subject matter are making the most headway here,” 

Dave Van Dyke , Cofounder of Bridge Research (a media research firm which studies the podcast market)


There’s something about the old-time radio vibe that reaches a target audience in an intimate and direct way. Podcasting has become a staple of the entertainment ecosystem, and branded stories are now a major player.

Audio (old time radio) stimulates like no other media. Unlike television or other visual mediums, it allows an audience to engage their imagination. Everyone will visualize the story differently, but ultimately that personal visualization immerses the audience in the story, thereby creating a personal connection…and by extension, if done well, a connection to the brand.

Podcast audience growth is on the rise, including in the ever-illusive millennial segment, and they are flocking to and bingeing on audio entertainment for a variety of reasons. Research offers plenty of basis for this movement – content growth, mobility, on-demand access, searchable, technical evolution – but our own highly unscientific, anecdotal findings point to one obvious motivator: it’s usually free. In this cable cutting generation, audiences are looking for great content at their fingertips without the hefty price tag. This puts brands that already have a solid social media and online audience base in a unique position to engage their audiences in a unique way.   They can offer great content directly to their audience and customers. This was once the sole domain of the networks or radio stations. But now without these gatekeepers deciding what content to consume and when, the brand is in the driver’s seat and realizing solid returns.

Savvy audiences know how to skip an ad, bypass pop-up invasions and avoid pay-per-click traps. But, when a brand brings their audience the crafted, curated, informative and entertaining content they seek while reflecting the values they trust (without an overt sell) buyers listen.

We work directly with brands and PR companies to produce great content specifically for their audiences. We are also currently in development on a number of creative projects that could be a perfect fit for a branded podcast. If you are a brand considering podcasting as a marketing tool, please contact us and let’s discuss the possibilities.

Research has produced some great statistics that support a shift from traditional advertising to include Content Marketing.

“A recent report from Triton Digital revealed that 65% of podcast listeners would be more willing to buy products from companies that they’ve heard advertised on their favorite podcast. The same study, that includes data of nearly 1,000 podcast fans, found that a whopping 45% of listeners claimed they visited a sponsor’s website after hearing a sponsorship message or advertisement during a favorite podcast.”

Apr 6,2017 / By Charlotte Micklewright, Spreaker Blog


“Podcast listening showed sharp gains on both a monthly basis (17% to 21%) and weekly (10% to 13%). Those who consume podcasts on a weekly basis listened to an average of five podcasts per week.”

2016, The Infinite Dial/Edison Research & Triton Digital


“About 21% of Americans over the age of 12 have listened to a podcast in the last month, up from 17% last year and 15% in 2014, according to Edison Research. “

June 17, 2016 Steven Perlberg WALL STREET JOURNAL


“Some industry observers expect that branded content in podcasting will more than double in 2017.”

JANUARY 9, 2017 by Max Willens


Many big Brands are already fully invested in Podcasting and their insight, experiences and results are something any company can relate to.


“We’ve experimented with different ways of telling these stories and extracting some of these insights from them, but hadn’t really found the right medium or platform to do it well. Podcasting seemed like a logical and really right-sized medium for us, since it’s a bit more intimate and longer-form.”

Annie Lupardus, Director of Leadership and Seller Communications, eBay  (Article: By Benjamin Mullin • June 20, 2016 POYNTER)


“I don’t consider it advertising. It’s a podcast show that just happens to be produced by a brand instead of a network. I’m not saying, ‘Hey, go out and buy a jet engine.’ It’s a science fiction story to connect listeners with what the GE brand is about, without selling the GE brand.”

Andy Goldberg, Chief Creative Officer GE