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Freelance Podcast Production

We’ve been in the production business a long time, and we know how hard it is for great ideas to find their audience. We are excited to work with creative freelance podcasters who need support to see their project come to life. If you’re a podcaster with a great idea, we can help you get your baby off the ground and flying. From series concept, to story crafting, to production planning, execution and post, we can help you show run and produce your podcast series.

Producing a show on a regular schedule is challenging, especially if you’re trying to build an engaging show that you plan to sell to potential advertisers. Creative consistency is key if your goal is to build and keep an audience. You need solid organization, scheduling, research, interview techniques, remote recording techniques, editorial, mixing and finally packaging for the various pod-catchers (itunes, Stitcher, Overcast etc.). It’s a lot of balls to keep in the air, and that’s what we help you do.

We don’t work on monthly “send your files” subscription. We quote on a per series or show basis. Knowing that every potential freelance podcaster brings their own skill set and strengths to the table, we quote each series according to both the scope of the series and the individual podcaster themselves.

We consider ourselves partners in your series and look to support your creative vision, but we approach every project with the same dedication as if it were our own.