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Podcast Post Production

Podcast Post Production can be that final roadblock for many podcasters. It’s often a forgotten piece of the process, but it’s critical that your sound quality is the best it can be and that technical issues are eliminated. Poorly edited and mixed shows hurt your brand. Listeners will tune out early and generally not come back if your sound is unpleasant and unprofessional.

Our Podcast Post Production Package will get your project cleaned up and ready for the world to enjoy.  We won’t presume to re-order or “produce” your show. We’re simply your clean-up crew. You record and assemble your show into its running order, along with music and any other production elements. Then we get your recorded material cleaned up of all the unwanted ums, ah’s, clicks, bumps and pauses that can hinder the listener. Using the latest software and professionally designed reference facilities, we dial in and deliver the best possible mix to allow your story to shine.

This package provides you with a reference mix allowing you to make your final mix notes. We will then supply an upload-ready mp3 as per your specs, as well as Wav stems for your archive.